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  • What our clients say about us

    Vicky Faillia- Vicky Fallla Model,

    Still buzzing from a shoot on the weekend with Joe! it was a pleasure working with him as a model - he was professional, well organised, punctual and creative on set, he directed the model respectfully with attention to detail and allowed me to be myself on camera which is important in creating the energy between photographer and model... together we worked exceptionally well as a creative team on set also with a second photographer and bounced off each other's ideas, creating the energy and theme of the shoot! I look forward to working with Joe again!

    Dianne Fiore

    Absolutely the warmest and most professional photographer. Most pleased with photos and service.

    Gurjeet Singh,

    thanks mate u done a wonderful job..

    I have modeled for Joe several times and have found him to always be professional and lovely to work with. I would definitely recommend him to anyone for any type if shots you are after. 

    Negin Motaghi
    I worked with Joe one month ago for the first time... it was very nice working with him as he is talented and very easy going which it makes it so easy to pose in front of his lens. Thank you so much and it was an awesome experience. 

    Samantha Nicholls
    I really enjoyed shooting with Joe, he is professional yet good fun. I Highly recommend working with Joe Conte Photography.

    Karina Jane

    Joe is easy-going and very professional in his process, both great attributes to why I would recommend him for models, as there is nothing more helpful than someone who is very clear about every step of his process, but also makes sure you're in a relaxed environment, I look forward to further work with Joe.

    Bledi Zacellari,
    Joe photographed my son's 1st Birthday, great photographer and great photographs. On time, very patient photographing kids, good job. Thanks.

    Kylie Azzopardi, Klylie Jane Model
    I have worked closely with Joe Conte Photography through out 2015 doing various photo shoots for several magazines both in Australia and the USA, I found Joe Conte Photography to be professional, easy to work and get along with, while producing some amazing images. Recommend Joe Conte Photography to any client for any type of photography work. 

    Dave Andrit
    Had a family portrait done by Joe Conte Photography, amazing service and amazing images. Thanks Joe.

    Leonora Camilleri
    I have never modelled or done any kind of photo shoot ever before, so I was extremely nervous, but I was introduced to Joe Conte by a friend of mine, and WOW, where do I start. He made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, he was professional, he was patient with me and most of all, he made me feel beautiful. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending Joe to anyone looking for a Professional Photographer, in fact I was so impressed, I've booked him for my son's 21st in December.

    Shonit Rao
    I have had the pleasure of having my/our photos taken by Joe Conte Photography on 2 different occasions. The first was for my birthday. I found Joe to not only be professional but a participant in my birthday. The manner in which Joe took photos made everybody feel relaxed and he was able to get people into a party mood. I was so impressed with Joe Conte Photography that I booked him in again to have my family photos taken and pregnancy photos of my wife. Joe had organised the venue, had everything setup for when we arrived and was able to direct us on how to stand or sit. Joe made my whole family (Wife and 2 kids at the time) feel very relaxed and comfortable on the day. We felt as though Joe was a friend not just a photography when he was taking the photos. I will be using Joe Conte Photography in the future and I highly recommend Joe Conte Photography for any occasion.